In this section you will find:

  • Filling the API Access Request Form
  • Resources and Guidelines for Consuming APIs
  • API Approval Workflow Steps
  • Contact Information
  • Link to Student Developed Application Guidelines

Filling the API Access Request Form

We require that all API access requests for applications are supported by an API Access Request form.

The form can be found at API Access Request

  • The form is used to gather information about the application that will be consuming the data in order for the data owners to better evaluate and approve the API access.
  • The form gathers additional technical details required by the admins of the API management platform to evaluate the security measures that will be in place to protect the data that the application will have access to.
  • We ask that the form is filled also for auto-approved API access requests to help us to track all applications and have contact information for each application using APIs in this platform.
  • Please provide detailed information about the application in all areas of the form. The help text in each field can help guide you when deciding what information to provide.
  • After the form is submitted it will go through a workflow. Further down you can see the workflow steps that the form will go through before your application is given access to the requested APIs.
  • In many cases the business approver and the gateway administrator will be in contact with you to refine the list of APIs that will meet your needs. If there are adjustments to the APIs that you will be given access please update the form in the Requested APIs area to reflect that.
  • There are three types of applications that use APIs
    • Customer facing applications - this is the most common type. The application will be deployed in production and made available to customers.
    • Proof of concept applications - this is for developers to try out APIs and evaluate them for meeting future application needs. Please select the Proof of Concept check box when filling the form for these type of applications.
    • Developers testing APIs - this type is mostly for the developers that have created the API and need a way to test them after they have been published in the API Management Platform. Please select the Developer Use Only check box when filling the form for these type of applications.

Resources and Guidelines for Consuming APIs

API Approval Workflow Steps

  • Initial Review - The document has been submitted and is being reviewed by an admin.
  • Admins Assigned - An admin has assigned this document to themselves and have performed the initial review. The admin has filled in the fields on the form listed below "For Admin Use".
  • In Technical Review Initial - The assigned admin is reviewing the technical aspects of the application with the API developer.
  • Business Review - The request for APIs is being reviewed by the Business Approver that has authority to approve access.
  • Pending More Info Business - The Business Approver is requesting more information from the API developer.
  • Business Approved - The Business Approver has approved the API access.
  • Business Denied - The Business Approver has denied the API access.
  • In Technical Review - After the API access is approved by the Business Approver, the Gateway Admin is doing a final technical review before granting access.
  • Cancelled - The API Access Request has been canceled.
  • Access Approved by Admin - The Gateway Admin has granted API access to the application.
  • Application Retired - The application was retired and API access has been revoked.

Contact Information

Student Developed Application Guidelines