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Users can sign up for an account for the developer portal at A portal admin has to approve their account before they can request access to any APIs. This document describes the process to enable user accounts.

Approving Access

Developer Portal

  • After a user registers for an account in the developer portal, the system sends an email to all portal admins at and another email to the user creating the account. 
  • The user email template can be found at with the Welcome (awaiting approval) tag.
  • Follow the email link to access the Edit Profile screen and click Edit User Profile if the screen comes up in View User Profile mode.
  • Verify UCSB affiliation at
  • If an affiliation if found, then set the Status to Active and Roles to Developer, Business Approver, or Developer and Student, based on the person affiliation.Then save the user profile. Student developers will have both Developer and Student roles.

Google Groups

  • Please add the account to the appropriate Google group using Google Groups.
    • - when an account is added as a developer
    • - when an account is is added as an API provider (publisher)
    • - when an account is added as a Business Approver (for API Access Requests or for API Publishing Requests)
    • - for members of the Apigee implementation team
    • - for members of the Apigee implementation team


  • After approving the account within the Developer Portal, please log into the Apigee Management Portal ( and find the new account under Publish > Developers.
    • Find the account and add a Custom Attribute called 'role' with a value from the list below. This ensures that we can develop communication lists based on particular sets of users.
      • business-approver: For business-approvers in the Developer Portal.
      • developer: For staff developers which will consume APIs.
      • student-developer: For student developers which will consume APIs.
      • api-publisher: For UCSB staff who has created an API and need a way to routinely test their API.
  • Note: Users can try the public APIs with their personal accounts. For business applications they are asked to create functional accounts and API access will be granted to the functional accounts only. 

Denying Access

  • In some cases it might be necessary to delete a user account
    • If the user is not affiliated with UCSB (i.e. not xxxxx@*
    • If the email address was created by a bot (i.e.
      • This "no bots rule" overlaps with the previous rule because there are exceptions to the "must be from UCSB rule" (see below).
  • To delete the account click Cancel Account, and on the cancel screen select Delete the Account and its Content, then click Cancel Account again.


Account Exceptions

  • The Admin can approve external accounts if there is a legitimate need to consume UCSB APIs. 
  • Please save the email correspondence with the reason for granting this exception in the following Box folder:
  • Follow the approval process described above to approve external accounts in Apigee.