The Slack Chatbot is a management utility developed to help Apigee Edge Administrators perform basic administrative operations. Like most ChatOps, an authorized user interacts with the Slack Chatbot using a natural language interface to help manage and configure developers, APIs, and apps without the need to dig out specific developer tools. An authorized user is a member of the Apigee Edge Administrators group.

At a basic level, the Slack Chatbot:

  1. listens to commands sent to the Chatbot
  2. confirms that the caller is part of the Apigee Edge Administrators group
  3. performs low level calls to Apigee API Management web APIs
  4. delivers the results back to the caller

The Slack Chatbot currently resides in the UCSBTech Slack community in the #apigateway channel, under the @apibot account.

More information about the development of the Slack Chatbot can be found at