When using an API that required Access Approval or is Private, I sometimes get the error message that of `"message": "Authorization has been denied for this request."`. How do you fix that?

Many of the APIs that require Access Approval or are Private require secondary authentication information. This is usually a Basic Authorization Header (a base64 encoded ucsbNetId:password combination) which will be used by the backend system to authenticate who or what application is calling into the API service. As a client you would be aware if a system required secondary authentication information, as you would be asked to provide a UcsbNetId when applying for access.

When the service is called, if the UcsbNetId/Password combination can't be authenticated successfully, or the UcsbNetId hasn't been authorized to access the API a common error message of "message": "Authorization has been denied for this request." may be replied.

Some common mistakes that lead to this error message are:

If you are sure you're doing the first two above, please reach out to support@developer.ucsb.edu to see if your application's ucsbNetId can be added.