When looking at [My Apps](/user/me/apps), one my application is listed as Pending (with a grey circle around it) even though I requested Auto-Approved APIs (Academic Quarter Calendar, Students Lookups, etc). Why is it listed as Pending?

On the My Apps page, the overall status of all API Access requests is reflected along side the name of each application. The overall status can be very confusing and misleading. If any API Access that was requested is Pending then the overall status lists as Pending (which isn't always true).

To check on the status of individual API Access requests, try the following:

  • Expand out the application name so that you can see the application Keys.
  • Click on the APIs tab.
  • You can then scan through the list of APIs and discover which API Access requests were Approved and which are Pending.

If you have any Approved API Access requests that are Approved, then you can make calls to those APIs. This can be very confusing, because the Keys tab lists the Consumer Key (ucsb-api-key) is greyed out and struckthrough. This is a display problem within the Developer Portal and we apologize for it. The Consumer Key (ucsb-api-key) is actually valid and can be used.

  • Even though the Consumer Key (ucsb-api-key) is greyed out and struckthrough, it can be used on any API which has been Approved.
  • To use the key, you can double click on it and copy it from the page.