Why do the APIs have different version numbers? I can see that Student Record Code Lookups is version 1.1, but Academic Quarter Calendar is only at version 1.0? (as of 2018/07/20)

Each API is provided and maintained by different departments and teams on campus. To make things more flexible for those groups we've decided that it would be best to allow for each team to manage their API versioning independently. So, one API may have a version of 1.0 another API may be at version 2.2.

However, all versioning is done by a set of guidelines and standards. So, how the major version number is listed in the url (/v1, etc) and how the minor version numbers can be specified in the headers (ucsb-api-version) is standardized across all APIs.

As a sidenote, please also check the headers returned in the responses. Sometimes they can indicate if an API version is set to be decommissioned (api-deprecated-versions).