When looking at [My Apps](/user/me/apps), one of my applications is listed as Revoked (with a red circle around it). Why is it listed as Revoked?

On the My Apps page, the overall status of all API Access requests is reflected along side the name of each application. The overall status can be very confusing and misleading. If any API Access that was requested is Revoked then the overall status lists as Revoked (which isn't always true).

To help remediate the incorrect display you can:

  • Expand out the application name so that you can see the application Keys.
  • Click on the APIs tab.
  • You can then scan through the list of APIs and discover which API Access request was Revoked.
  • Once you know which API Access was Revoked, you can then click on Edit "application name".
  • In the pop-up menu, scroll through the list of APIs and uncheck the API which was Revoked.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the pop-up menu and click Save App.

Your application should no longer have the Revoked status; if it does, please continue to remove API Access requests that are in the Revoked status. Alternatively, if all API Access requests are in the Revoked status, then the application may have been Revoked.